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ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-21 16:45:00
My question is: A part of seeing the History, is possible to read the last picture from the interface after linking BigIOT with WeChat ?
Love the API!!!
bigiot 回复于:2019-01-21 18:52:55
回复 @ma-fa:You can send "DT+inputid", e.g. "DT+7832" to BigIOT with WeChat, and it would reply five URL of the latest images. Click the URL, you will see the picture.
Thanks for your attention.
贝壳物联 评论于:2019-01-21 19:12:54
If you want to get the images via API ,pls refer:
ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-21 23:53:16
Ahh great! That's what I needed. Perfect, I will use this to control the 3D Printed when I leave it working.
Fantastic API, I love the functionality. Only the last 9 pictures are stored right ? THANKS!
bigiot 回复于:2019-01-22 21:20:44
回复 @ma-fa:Yes,only 9 pictures
ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-22 22:03:28
It will be possible in the future to have a paid option with more than 9 pictures ? I would like to store at least 2880 (60 min* 24 hrs* 2 days) pictures to make some kind of security camera and to leave it logging with your API -> Example with the TTGO ESP32 cheap board. I'm trying to make a version that compares pixels so I will upload to the API only if the camera detects movement.
ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-22 22:31:02
By the way I wanted to collaborate with BIGIot and donate some money but I cannot link my German card to WeChat. So just tell me anytime if you need anything, I'm a web developer that also works with Backend stuff, PHP, C++ and more. If you need any electronics or help just tell me and I see what I can do. My name is Martin Fasani :)
ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-25 04:55:10
I am interested to collaborate with this project. Are you interested in the future to make it in different languages or you want to focus only on the chinese market ?
Would be nice to speak with you one day. Martin
bigiot 回复于:2019-01-25 11:13:41
回复 @ma-fa:I'd like to make it in different languages, but I'm not good at foreign languages(include English -_-!). This project was not designed for multilanguage, so make it support for other languages, there will be a lot of things to do, and I will try to do that. If you'd like, you can help me translate the lang_config files. About the paid options, there is no plan to do that recently. You can add my WeChat "AndrewShi", and have a talk.
ma-fa 评论于:2019-01-25 18:38:46
Great will do that Send me the lang_config files please ( ) I'm working in an IOT security camera and I though to have an API like this to collect images from different angles in an upload interface can be a great idea. Of course I could use Amazon S3 or something, but I want to make it easy and not interested in doing the backend at the moment. That's why I though, if BIGIOT could be in english, and then you could pay something per month/year to host at least 2 or 3 days of images, then it could be a great product for people looking to log images ( Or anything )
So think about it. The problem is of course that payment methods of WeChat / Alipay are only chinese, also if I want to send you money, I cannot without a Chinese account. But if you could add a paypal payment like Alixpress does then people could use it, english is enough for all the rest, and if they like the product then some of them will have the intention to do an upgrade! Adding you in WeChat. Nice to met you and have a nice weekend